Cards for a Cause

Our Cards for a Cause Fundraiser is perfect for helping small organizations raise money!  Individual families struggling with medical bills or other emergencies can also benefit from this simple fundraiser!

How it works

  • Boxes of 30 beautifully embellished greeting cards are sold for $30 each (just $1 per card).  Matching envelopes and a durable, decorative box are included.
  • Your organization earns $13 (less tax unless you are tax exempt) for each box sold.  There is a 15 box minimum.
  • The boxes or cards ship for FREE!

Who can do this fundraiser?

  • Organizations (daycares/preschools, church groups, local non-profits, scout groups, sports teams, dance centers, youth groups, etc.): These groups could potentially be tax exempt based on state laws.
  • Private groups (families raising money for an adoption, an individual raising money for a mission trip or battling health problems, groups of self-assembling citizens): These groups are most likely not tax-exempt and will be responsible for sales tax on each box. 

Want to see photos of the cards?  Click here.